Luxor single column crank stand up desk 23.625"D x 39.375"W x 30" to 45.25"H



The Luxor Single Column Crank Stand-Up Desk is an ergonomic workstation that fosters greater productivity at an extremely low cost. Its turn-handle crank easily adjusts the height of the desk with minimal effort. Mobile and easy to maneuver, the single column reduces its footprint while providing a spacious surface for getting work done. FEATURES: Quickly move from sitting to standing at heights between 30" and 45.25" A single, sturdy column conserves space and gives legroom when you're sitting Four 3" casters, two with locking brakes, make moving your desk effortless DIMENSIONS: Overall: 39.375"W x 23.625"D x 30"-45.25"HDesktop: 39.375"W x 23.625"D.