Bedford Clock Collection Chocolate Wood Wall Clock with Pendulum and Chimes

Bedford Clock Collection


This gorgeous wall clock showcases a beautiful chocolate finish wooden case accented by the gold-tones on the face and pendulum. The perfect accent to any wall in your home. Has 4 chime modes and a volume control toggle.

* Clockwork & Pendulum run on 2 standard AA batteries (not included)
* Solid chocolate brown oak finish wooden
* Polished Black dial with chapter ring accents
* 4 chime modes
* Volume toggle
* Wood case has gold accent details
* Dial features Roman numerals
* Polished brass pendulum bob features is suspended on a precision, temperature compensating pendulum rod

Condition : This item is Class A refurbished. This is the cleanest class of refurbished product you can buy. This item will arrive factory packaged, and be free of defects. It has been repaired and tested by the manufacturer and the problem parts were replaced.